Aug 29

About flipClass

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

  • How very true is this proverb! For, the odyssey of flipClass.com started with an innate need.

The need

It all started with a basic need that Vineet, whose brainchild, flipClass eventually turned out to be, felt a need for home tutoring for his son. His son needed help with Grade 5 Mathematics. But to his disbelief, the process of finding a teacher was both, tiresome and unreliable. Despite the availability of a large number of tutors in the market, Vineet found it difficult to hire a qualified and affordable tutor for his son. He looked for days in various city classifieds and tutorials to help find that perfect tutor, who would: 

-Communicate effectively

-Have vast subject knowledge

-Be easily approachable and

-Be fun to learn with.


Vineet Dwivedi (CEO,flipClass.com)

After months of searching, frustration and the desire to help himself and all people like him, Vineet started flipClass.

Vineet started flipClass with the sole objective of providing a more professional approach to home tutoring. With teachers being filtered by professionals and trained by experts, the brand of flipClass was established.

This requirement helped Vineet to conceptualize a solution which eventually led to the inception of flipClass.

The Solution

A platform was designed to address the immediate need to increase the visibility of qualified affordable tutors to parents. Various screening parameters were installed in place to achieve quality tutoring at a home ambience. Currently flipClass has 2000+ home tutors in Bangalore and Hyderabad for various subjects and continues to grow every day.

And here we are, climbing the ladder - one step at a time and getting close to reaching the top with the pass of every new day. Today, flipClass.com is India's leading home tuition marketplace that is set to provide affordable, reliable and personalized tutoring for your child, at the comfort of your home.

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