4 Tips To Study Physics Better

Nov 09

Physics can give many students a scare. It is a fascinating science that helps us understand the world around us, but it can be equally daunting in its complexities. Here are a few tips that can make learning the subject a bit simple.

  • Build a Strong Foundation – the subject is built on a set of theories. Therefore it is very important to have a strong understanding of the basics, a strong foundation will help you understand the complex theories and problems easily. So master up the basic first!
  • Strengthen Your Math– Physics involves solving a lot of mathematical equations. A strong understanding of math will give you an edge in understanding this subject, as you will be tackling multiple formulas and problems with more ease.
  • Simplify The Problem – analyze the problem you are solving and try breaking it down in to steps. Read the question in detail, at least twice. Apply a step-by-step approach.
  • Build Your Formula Book– Physics is full of concepts, formulas, specific terminology, units of measures, and general principle. Building a small book with all this information concise in one place will be a great go to book during revision,problem solving, and exam time preparation.

Hope these simple steps will turn physics from frustrating to fantastic!

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