5 Mistakes To Avoid As A Home Tutor

Feb 16

Teaching students at home is a great source of extra income or even a full time profession. If you are currently teaching as a home tutor, it’s very likely that you have a good grasp over the subject. However, no matter how skilled you are there are some common mistakes anyone can make. So look in to the following points, and make sure you have them covered to go from good to great!

  • Not Having Full Knowledge Of The Subject: Some people feel that they are great in one topic and should become teachers. But any subject is made up of a variety of topics, and a teacher needs to be thorough with their understanding, and knowledge of all topics. Be aware of your skill set and position yourself accordingly.
  • Not Staying Updated: The world we live in evolving, and so is the knowledge out there, and its application. It is very important as a teacher to stay updated with any new addition, or changes to the subject you are teaching in terms of information, approach, usability, application, etc.
  • Not Adverting: It is important for you to get on an online platform, or advertise your expertise if you want to attract potential students. Without bringing people’s awareness to your skill set, you will be unable to exploit your capabilities to maximum.

  • Not Having A Good Teaching Procedure: Knowledge makes you an intelligent person, but only when you are able to impart that knowledge successfully and easily to a novice, does it make you a good teacher. Work on your information delivery methods, use simple teaching techniques, think what technique best work for different topics, incorporate examples for better understanding, etc. – in order to provide an exhaustive

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  • Not Knowing What To Charge: It is very important for you to know how to place yourself in the market based on three important factors. These include what is the current market price, what is your skill set, and the current demand/supply in the market.

Factor in all these points, and become a successful tutor by covering up for all possible hiccups.

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