7 Fun Fact’s About Left-Handers

Oct 15

Are you a leftie? If yes then here are some fun facts about you! And for those of who are righty’s, here is your chance to figure out what some cool stuff about your left-handed friends.


Image Source: http://www.bilerico.com/2012/12/is_there_a_connection_between_lefties_lgbt_people.php

1.Lefties tend to excel in visual-spatial tasks, while righties are overrepresented in math and science. 

2.It has been recorded that the number of lefties who have an IQ higher than 140 are greater than the number of righties who have an IQ higher than 140. 
3.In sports like tennis, fencing, and boxing left handed players tend to have a good advantage over their opposition. 
4.Lefties body tends to be more balanced physically as compared to the righties. 
5.Famous left hand personalities include Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Napoleon, Michelangelo, Newton, Obama, Oprah, and Leonardo Da Vinci. 
6.August 13th is celebrated as “Left-Handers Day” since 1996. 
7.Premature babies are more likely to be left handed.

So enjoy being different, and take advantage of being a leftie when possible.

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