A little motivation can shape your child’s life

Feb 21

Parenting is not an easy task. As a parent you may have to be extremely patient and witty while dealing with your teen. Teenage is a phase where teens sport a more careless attitude with a tagline ‘I don’t care’, ‘whatever’ or ‘just chill mom/dad’. Streamlining the teenagers to do the right things in life is extremely difficult. Some teens may ask for some benefits to stay motivated to do some household chores, homework etc.

Are you finding it difficult to motivate your teen? Here are a few guidelines to help you motivate them.

Image source: margritcrane.com

Image source: margritcrane.com**

Lack of motivation- What’s the reason? :**

This is not so difficult. Figuring out the reason behind the lack of motivation can help you set things right. In most of the cases, it is seen that dearth**dearth 
➤ (n) an acute insufficiency 
➤ (n) an insufficient quantity or number 
 of benefits attached to the task assigned is the biggest drawback.

  • You will have to sit calmly with your teen and discuss about the importance of studying and the long term benefits attached to it.
  • Ensure that you make him/her understand the importance of homework and how it benefits in helping them revise the teachings in the classroom
  • Serious studies can help them in mastering the subjects and making a bright future.
  • Once your teenager understands all this, he/she will definitely have a positive approach towards academics and feel motivated to study seriously.

Once you know the reason behind the lack of motivation, you can motivate your teen with the help of the tips mentioned below.

  • Appreciating and complimenting their efforts will motivate your teens:Everyone loves appreciation. Likewise, compliments can boost one’s confidence. When both of them are combined teens feel extremely delighted as their efforts are appreciated.
  • Lure your teens with deals and agreements: If you find that your teen is not putting in enough efforts towards academics and in learning, then luring with deals and agreements is the best option to motivate them. Ensure that you adhere by your deal when you get the desired results.
  • Nagging is not the right thing to do: Constant nagging will irritate your teen and he/she may snap back and return to his/her original careless attitude. This will put all your efforts to rest.
  • Constant support throughout will do wonders: Ensure that you stand by your teen at all times. Assure him/her that you shall support them whenever needed. Try to have a friendly conversation and tell him/her that you believe he/she will excel in their academics for sure. Try creating a positive atmosphere at home.
  • Help your teen to begin: Showing an active involvement in the activities of your teen will give them enough motivation. But ensure that your interference should not irritate your teen. Create an environment at home that supports learning.

Freedom is vital:  One thing you need to bear in mind, in the process of supporting your child do not restrict their freedom. Let them be independent in making decisions. This will also make them responsible.

Kindly share your experiences in motivating your teens too.

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