All you need is an excellent tutor for your child

Mar 11

Many parents often find themselves in the middle of a maze where they have to take up vital decisions pertaining to their child’s academic needs. They often get sandwiched between the choosing the right tutor and understanding the very fact that their child is in need of a tutor. On one hand they find it extremely hard to see their child juggling in academics and on the other finding a right tutor is no less than climbing Mount Everest.

Some parents hire tutors and allow them to mentor**mentor
➤ (n) a wise and trusted guide and advisor
➤ (v) serve as a teacher or trusted counselor
their kids. At the same time it is extremely important to know whether the tutor is the best one for their child or no. As parents you will have to do the following thins before deciding on a specific tutor.

Teacher and student in a classroom at school

Teacher and student in a classroom at school

  • Try to understand and analyze the learning needs of your child. If you are confused, you can always seek the help of your child’s class teacher who can guide you on this front. For instance: whether your child needs help in doing homework or in any specific subject.
  • You will have to understand your child’s strengths and areas of development. Moreover, understanding your own expectations of a tutor is crucial too. - You have to analyze how much you are ready to spend on your child’s tutor. - There are scores of home tutoring companies in the market that cater to the home tutoring needs of the parents and the students. You can always contact them and get help. - Check the credentials and experience of the tutor before hiring him/her. You can also test the knowledge and understanding of the tutor by posing a few questions too. - You can also find reviews of the specific tutor online. Checking for reviews and feedbacks is always a good idea. - Try to attend the tutoring session of your child to understand how your child relates to the tutor’s teaching. - Keep a close watch on the tutoring sessions to ensure that your child is learning properly. - Monitor the grades and overall progress of your child.

You may have to work a bit in finding the right tutor for your child but I’m sure the efforts will always be paid with good and improved grades.

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