Are you aware of the Eating disorders in teenagers?

Feb 18

Surprised? Shocked? Or are you aware of the eating disorders in teenagers? This may seem funny at the first instance as you may have heard about the eating tantrums and eating disorders in infants and toddlers. But it is true teens are also prone to several eating disorders. It is very common to see teenagers munching over junk and unhealthy foods and may refrain from eating greens and having a balanced diet. The underlying reason could be that your teen is suffering from eating disorder.

What are eating disorders?

Eating disorders are grave issues that have to be set right at the first instance as they may result in deteriorating your teen’s overall health. This may in turn affect your teen’s relationships, productivity and growth too. Treating the disorder at the earliest can result in speedy recovery of your child thereby preventing excess damage to his/her health.

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Types of Eating disorders:**

These eating disorders hamper your teen’s health by changing their food habits and lifestyle too. Let’s find out about the eating disorders.

  • Anorexia Nervosa (a fear of weight gain): Today, most of the teenagers are obsessed about their physical appearance and cannot stand weight gain. Therefore they tend to keep a close watch on their respective calorie intake. This eating disorder is most common among teenage girls who refrain from eating to stay lean.
  • *Orthorexia Nervosa (obsessive and [compulsive__](**

➤ (n) a person with a compulsive disposition; someone who feels compelled to do certain things 
➤ (s) caused by or suggestive of psychological compulsion 
➤ (s) strongly motivated to succeed 
 behavior towards eating healthy) : **Some teens are excessively overprotective about their food and this is also a dangerous thing. They keep monitoring everything that they eat with a fear of eating unhealthy. This disorder may not be dangerous but can affect the life of your teen socially.

  • Binge eating disorder (a serious disorder characterized by unstoppable overeating): This is a serious condition that compels a person to eat excessively non- stop. Most of the teens suffering from this disorder are either obese**obese 
    ➤ (s) excessively fat 
     or overweight. This eating disorder can result in grave medical problems. Teens suffering from this kind of eating
  • **

Bulimia Nervosa (an emotional disorder characterized by both overeating and fasting)**: This eating disorder stems out of an extreme change in the bodily appearance of a person. This disorder could have mixed episodes of overeating and fasting in an attempt to reduce weight.

Seeking timely medical help can curb the serious damage resulting out of such eating disorders. If you suspect that your teen suffers from any of the eating disorders as mentioned above do not shy away from seeking medical help.

We shall discuss all these eating disorders and their effects and their preventive measures in my forthcoming articles.

If you have a teen who has or is suffering from an eating disorder and is been treated for the same, kindly share your thoughts through your valuable comments.

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