Brain Workout is Quintessential

May 08

We love to work out to keep ourselves fit and our body in shape. Why can’t we apply the same principle for the brain too? Our brain too deserves to stay fit and healthy. You can design your own workout regime for your brain and neurotics (brain aerobics) can help you in achieving your desired goal.

Here are five great brain exercises to keep your brain active and healthy.

1.Close your eyes and then try to do your simple and easy routine activities. This exercise helps you to stay focused on your task. Also, you can stimulate and improve the strength of your other senses too. Closing your eyes makes your brain think differently and carefully thereby activating the other senses too.

2.Train your brain by switching your hands. Try to use your non-dominant hand to do all daily activities. The brain thinks differently and tries to help your hand to adjust to the new routine. For instance: If you operate your TV remote control with your right hand, try doing the same with your left hand. This may seem easy but in fact, it is much harder and one needs to focus a lot.

3.Ensure that you consume foods that boost your brain. Fish oils, antioxidants, and dry nuts are extremely good for the brain.

4.Novelty and creativity are essential for your brain. So, one has to ensure that he/she doesn’t repeat any of his/her activities else it becomes monotonous. Innovative ideas and creativity signify that your brain’s perspective towards crucial things works in a different manner.

5.Playing games helps you with strategies, organizing things, interacting and planning too. In short you tend to multitask your activities. Neurotics or brain aerobics stimulates all the brain cells and helps it to stay healthy. Brain health occupies a crucial position in maintaining the overall health of a person too.

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