CAST Method - A Mnemonic For Your Math Exam

Feb 12

Exam time is daunting, and during the stress building and work

overload we tend to forget even the most obvious of things that can make our exam taking process more efficient and effective. One of the most challenging subject that gives nightmare to a lot of students is ‘mathematics‘. Just the name can have most of us biting out our nails, gritting our teeth, and scaring us out like crazy.

Remember the [mnemonic**mnemonic 
➤ (n) a device (such as a rhyme or acronym) used to aid recall 
➤ (a) of or relating to or involved the practice of aiding the memory 
…by [](** while giving your exam. It will help you attempt the exam in a more methodical manner. A systematic and planned approach will keep the anxiety at bay, and prove more fruitful in terms attempting the exam, incorporating for mistakes, and the overall result.

What is CAST?

Slide1Let’s Elaborate

  • Teachers will give you marks for the method and approach to solve the problem. So write down the steps, it shows your knowledge and understanding of the concepts. Even if there is a slip in calculation, steps get you marks!
  • Like with all subjects, attempt the questions you know the answers to first**. This will ensure marks in your kitty, and give you better confidence to attempt harder questions.
  • While attempting a math problem, write down the formula you intend on using. This reinstates to the teacher that you know the concept, shows a certain confidence about your knowledge on the topic, and gives you a starting point for solving the question.
  • Make sure to check all you calculations twice in order to account for silly mistakes.

Sometime a small miss can take you way off in terms of your answer. So calm your nerves and always cross check your answer.

These tips will help you stay focused, and approach the exam in a coherent manner – as you CAST away you magic with numbers.

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