Competition – And it’s Positive Impact!

Feb 22

ompetition is tough – be it getting admissions or a better grade than others in the class. In a world where everyone wants to be on the top, competition is intense and fierce.

But is competition really important?

Or should the pressures of competition be taken away?


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Like all things competition too has it’s pros and cons.

The positive impact of competition plays an important role in bringing out the best in students, and is often a driving force to do better, and emerge stronger.

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  • Set’s Higher Goals: When students compete against each other, they are able to set high standards for each other. Thus pushing each other to do better, thus setting the bar high.
  • Motivation: Competition challenges students to work harder and perform their best. The will to do better in turn improves information retention, better preparation, and a drive to outperform.
  • Sportsman Spirit: Competition also teaches students to handle loss better. They become more equipped to deal with their grief, as well as applaud the success of others. Studies show that small losses equip children to become more resilient.
  • Equips For Real Life Situation: Life has its share of ups and downs for everyone. Competition teaches students how to work for results, and be ready to face the competitions they’ll face at work place, in relationships, and in personal development.
  • Goal Oriented: Competition provides for a goal, providing students focus, and instilling a winning drive in them. This goal-oriented attitude proves beneficial in many walks in life, making students more efficient and hardworking.

These positives however don’t rule out the negative impact of competition. But one must not forget that healthy competition provides for enhanced overall growth, and a positive outlook towards hard work, and dedication. Thus instilling positive attributes in a student, which will equip them to deal with real life situations better, and provide a strong foundation to their personality.

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