Creative Teaching Techniques: Simulations

Feb 19

Simulations are when students are placed in a ‘world’ defined by the teacher. The teacher sets certain guidelines, assumptions, and parameters of the ‘world’ that allows students to experience the reality of the proposed scenario and gather meaning from it.

A simulation is a student centered and constructive learning technique that contains

number of elements that include games, role-playing, and/or an activity. It allows for students to be involved, imaginative, and inquisitive.

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A simulation as a teaching technique throws students in real world scenarios built up by the teachers to evoke

solutions, and creative thinking. The process involves:

  • Preparing and building a scenario – whether you put students out in the field, or build a scenario within the classroom. You must be prepared with a detailed procedure from the beginning. Anticipate questions that the students can ask, and account for responses and uncertainties.
  • Monitor the simulation closely – in order to make sure students understand, and benefit from the process; the process must be closely monitored.
  • Provide for required material – to allow students to excel and

learn provide students with any study material, props, stationary, etc. they might need to carry out the simulation process.

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Simulation has been proved beneficial for both teachers and students as a teaching method. Some of these benefits include:

  • It allows for critical and evaluative thinking.
  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Throws light upon behavioral patterns of the students within a classroom setup, as well as outside.
  • Improves social skills.
  • It also allows for self-assessment.
  • Provides a picture of real-world working scenarios for a student.
  • Reinforces other skills like debating, research, presentation, public speaking, etc.

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