Develop these best study habits to excel

Feb 16

Studying is an integral part of student’s life. Study habits vary from student to student. Gone are the days when studying harder was considered to be the most effective technique. Today the term harder is replaced by smarter, so students have to learn how to study smarter. This concept may appear to be insensitive

at the first instance but this is not so. In the long run, you will understand the need of studying smarter. It has been noted that effective study habits have contributed to the success of several students.



Try to develop the below mentioned habits to scale high on your academic grades.

  • Do not attempt to study everything in one go: Stop staying awake late night with eyelids wide open to study for hours together and complete the syllabus. Divide you study hours into shorter sessions with periodic breaks. Remember, consistency and regularities in study patterns will help you achieve your goals.
  • Plan well ahead: Design a study plan and stick to it. Make two study plans- one for regular studies while the other to be followed for revision before exams. Following a stringent study plan can help you achieve your long term educational goals.
  • Study time should not differ: Ensure that you study at the same time everyday. A consistent study routine will prepare you physically and emotionally for the study sessions.

This in fact, will improve the productivity of each session. However, there can be a few exceptions here too. You will have to set up a specific goal before each study session and try to achieve it.

  • Procrastinating will do no good: Procrastinating your study sessions is not a good idea. Attempt to solve the most difficult subject. This reduces the burden of work that you carry for a long time. Have a lot at your notes before attempting your assignments.
  • Stay away from distractions: Keep all the distractions at bay while you are studying. Study in a place that is more comfortable to you.
  • Reviewing your schoolwork and notes during weekends is extremely beneficial: Most of the successful students never refrain from reviewing their notes and schoolwork during weekends. This will help them to understand the concepts better and retrieve the information studied**studied 
    ➤ (a) produced or marked by conscious design or premeditation 
     whenever required.

If you develop the study habits mentioned above, I’m sure you will definitely improve your grades and excel in your academic journey.

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