Earn While You Learn

Jul 29

I would like to put a few information regarding earning while you are learning. Generally youth mass especially in India come from middle class society to metros for higher education as well as for jobs. Since they come to learn and have not completed the degree, it becomes difficult for them to get a decent job. As a result the stay in the city becomes costly.

Although there are certain place which provide the youth jobs just after matriculationmatriculation ➤ (n) admission to a group (especially a college or university) …by BeeDictionary.com or PUC, Some do not find it lucrative. One more thing is that it is very difficult for one to climb up the Corporate ladder with 2nd PUC. But it is not impossible to the top as there are exemplaryexemplary ➤ (s) worthy of imitation ➤ (s) being or serving as an illustration of a type ➤ (s) serving to warn …by BeeDictionary.com persons who have done wonders with out a proper primary education.

Education plays an important role for building ones culture, career etc. But basic education is necessarily important to survive in the fast paced world. There is a huge demand for education in India. Everyone wants to access quality education for their child. Hence there is a huge opportunity to exp-lore it.

Basically the youth today wants to move at a faster pace with the world. Today’s kids are even more smarter. In the current age of information and technology the teacher plays an important role. There are certain people who love to teach and take tuition for different grades of kids. They take care of their studies. Generally some teachers align to particular boards like CBSE or ICSE.

There are some organizations which provide tutors to the parents too. Interested young graduates can join there if they want to teach. So anyone who want to teach can join as tutors in those organizations.

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