Homework!! What’s that?

Jan 27

Every nook and corner of households globally seem to buzz on “Homework”. Parents are seen constantly nagging their kids to complete homework while kids are busy procrastinating it humming constantly the rhyme of “Na nana na”.  You as a parent will have to tactfully induce your child in completing his/her homework. But let me tell you, this is not as easy as it seems. You will have to be very patient while handling such a situation. The situation gets more complicated if you have a teen.

Image source: www.wtps.org

Image source: www.wtps.org

A few tips to ensure that your teen completes his/her homework:

  1. Speak up to your teen: Maintain a [cordial**cordial 
    ➤ (n) strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal 
    ➤ (s) diffusing warmth and friendliness 
    ➤ (s) politely warm and friendly 
    ➤ (s) sincerely or intensely felt 
    …by [
    BeeDictionary.com**](http://www.beedictionary.com/definition/cordial) relation with your teen. Keep a check on him / her on a regular basis through discussions and talks. Doing so will not only strengthen the bond you share with your teen but also assure him/her to share their thoughts and perceptions with you freely. Try to find out the reasons for not completing their homework. Keep your mind open to what your teen tells you.
  2. Motivate him/ her to complete the homework: Talk to your teen about his/her concerns pertaining to studies and all the subjects. Try finding out if your teen is feeling the study pressure. If so, then try to review and re-evaluate his/her study plan and design a new one for him/her. Motivating your teen to fare well in exams will automatically boost the morale. You can do this by assisting your teen in completing homework and explaining them the subjects of concern,
  3. Motivate your teen to be active: Sometimes, teens tend to be undergoing the “lazy” phase and may not seem interested in doing anything. You can sit with your teen and help him/her finish the homework.
  4. Your love and support can strengthen your emotional bond: Ensuring emotional security of your teen is crucial and this will make them to listen to you.
  5. Mentoring them to achieve their academic goals: Talk to your teen about the importance of completing his/her homework and how its completion is beneficial for the academics. You can also seek help online to teach your teen about the colleges and their selection process. This will help your teen to understand the significance of academic scores and work hard to achieve them.

As a parent you can understand the temperament of your child in the best possible manner. Figure out what motivates your teens to do homework and then use these tips to support and bring in the best in them.

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