How do we witness the days and nights?

Nov 24

The sky lightens up again, the rising sun promises a new hope, a new beginning. As the day

proceeds we explore numerous facts, events, activities that help us to understand the cycle of life. Finally,

optimistic sun sets to rise again. The night takes the control and provides us a soothing relaxing phase that helps us to introspect the happenings of the day. Dreams and nightmares try poking their way until dawn and lo! It’s a new start with a new day again. Have you ever wondered how does the day and night cycle occur? Greek and Egyptian legends have gods like Helios and Ra who were responsible for the occurrence of days and nights. The advent of technology and scientific advancements have proved that the Earth has a round shape.

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The Earth and its axis:

The Earth rotates around its imaginary axis in a counter clock direction. As the Earth rotates, one side of the earth faces the sun while other doesn’t. The one that faces the sun experience day while the other experiences night. The common understanding about the sun rising from the east arises because the earth spins towards the east. 23 o degree tilt of the axis is towards the direction of the Earth’s rotation. The change in the seasons occurs due to the existence of tilt.

The Earth and its Rotation:

Most of the celestial**celestial 
➤ (a) of or relating to the sky 
➤ (a) relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven 
➤ (s) of heaven or the spirit 
 bodies in the space orbit around the Sun due to the Sun’s gravitational pull. The time taken by Earth to make one rotation is 23 hours and 56 minutes. This time is estimated at an average speed of 100 miles per hour. In comparison to the poles, the Earth’s rotation at the equator is slower. There are a few factors that are responsible for affecting the rotation. For instance: The lunar**lunar 
➤ (a) of or relating to or associated with the moon 
 pull of the oceans also affects the speed of the Earth’s rotation.

This is how several noteworthy occurrences are instrumental in creating these phases of day and night.

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