Let summers reinforce your faith in learning again

Apr 26

Bidding a good bye to another year of schooling can inspire students to dream of summers sprinkling beautiful colors of travel, sports, games, visiting the grandparents and loads of fun. Have you ever wondered that these wonderful illusions and ideas come with a dark cloud of “Learning Loss?” Yes, you read it right.

“Learning Loss” is a term coined to denote the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the long vacation. This happens due to the child’s relative academic inactivity during the summer months. Learning loss can be avoided if the child keep herself updated with academics for a short while regularly during vacation. Learning loss can be detected right from early schooling years. Consequently, it cascades to the academic year resulting in a below-average performance of the child.

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Why is it crucial to overcome learning loss?

Learning loss is also referred to as “Summer Slide”. Here are a few pointers to help you understand the significance of overcoming a learning loss.

  • Mathematical skills are the first ones on the hit-list of learning loss: During the summer vacations, most of the students tend to refrain from practicing mathematical problems. Studies reveal that on an average a student loses about 2 months of grade level equivalency.
  • A vocab-combat follows: It has been noted over the years that students often struggle with spellings and reading abilities during summer vacations. This is mainly due to the constant denial of students from focusing on learning new vocabulary and also retaining the ones learnt during vacation. Students often tend to drift themselves away from learning. The role of “income” is instrumental to rise/fall of reading performances as students from low-income groups suffer the most.
  • Summer learning loss can continue to be a major hurdle in the academic journey of a student: The learning loss can continue to haunt students during their school, college or even further if left undetected.
  • Parents’ support is important in overcoming these learning gaps: Active involvement of the parents in bridging the learning gap of their children have shown positive outcomes.
  • Summer learning programs are not accessible to all the students: Scores of studies have revealed that most of the students from the low-income group never show up for the summer learning programs. Most of them even don’t have an access to the summer learning programs.

There are a few companies in the market who have come up with excellent services and products to combat learning loss. Hope this article helps you to understand the concept of learning loss and ways in which you can overcome it.

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