Make friends and be merry

Mar 07

The transition from kindergarten to school can be tricky for some kids. This is the time when we as parents have to encourage our kids to make friends. Friendship is rather a milestone that our kids have to achieve during their schooling years. As the bond of friendship grows so do our kids. Our kids learn how to play, share, fight and compromise through friendships. This bond comes with a galore of happy moments, crucial lessons in life and memories to cherish for lifetime. As parents, we can help our kids in building this bond of friendship stronger.

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Tips for parents to help their kids in making friends:

  • Teaching kids about empathy understanding and entering into another's feelings by and emotions can help them to establish stronger bonds of friendship: Empathy and compassion are two positive strong emotions that can make a difference to the life of a child and the relations that he/she chooses to make. Friendship cannot be based on the negative and selfish impulses. Therefore, it is instrumental for parents to teach their kids about controlling their emotions. Even if any child has some negative opinions, you can always talk to your child and try to solve the concerned issues.
  • Be an authoritative parent: If you try attending to your child’s needs with love and affection, then you can mold your child to be a good person. If you punish your child in a harsh manner, there are chances that the child may display a lot of aggression and hostility. Encourage your child to have a thoughtful discussion with you to understand their thought process.
  • Ensure that your child is not subject to bullying in the name of friendship: It is important for every parent to ensure that your kids are growing in safe environments in their respective schools. Keep a close watch on your child’s friends and how your child is treated by them. You as a parent will have to ensure that your child is not bullied in the name of friendship as this can leave a lasting impression on the mind of the child. Negative experiences often haunt their present and can seize their happiness.
  • Involve actively in the social activities of your child: Your involvement in the social activities of your child can assure him/her about your support and unconditional love. This will also have a positive influence on their personality. They can improve their social and interpersonal skills too.
  • Teaching kids about the facial expressions can be a good idea: A few tips on teaching your child about reading the facial expressions of others can be a good idea. This can indeed help your child to interpret a few positive and negative vibes that they get from friends and people from the society. Good vibes can help them to grow in an optimistic manner whereas negative vibes can help them to get out of a tricky situation at times.
  • Teaching kids to be polite: Words are the best form of expression and that’s when your kids have to learn how to speak to others in a polite manner. This can always serve as a strong trait to make good friends and continue to build this bond of friendship stronger every passing day.

Learning about the significance of friendship, relations and how they monitor our social life can add a positive trait to the personality of your child.

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