Mathematics can be Easy Peasy

Feb 22

True. Mathematics can be Easy Peasy. Well, well, well, I’m sure some of you might be thinking that I’m crazy for making such a statement. Others who find mathematics not so easy might feel I’m just boasting about my mathematical skills. Another sect of students who score extremely well might say “What a big deal? – I already know that. Tell me something new.” Phew! One single subject and scores of views shoot at me? Oops! I’m not the one who created mathematics. But I can gladly help you with a few tips to help you improvise your mathematical skills and score well.

The subject of mathematics is instrumental not only in academics but in real life too. This is because this subject helps develops problem solving skills in students. You can always improve your math skills with a strategic study plan, practice and personal training sessions. Let’s run through a few tips:

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Ensure that you make your efforts to write down your own work: This rule may appear to be extremely simple but has greater benefits attached to it. When you pen down your own work, you will automatically learn to break down complicated parts of the math problem as per your understanding step by step. This will help you to figure out the problematic**problematic 
➤ (s) open to doubt or debate 
➤ (s) making great mental demands; hard to comprehend or solve or believe 
 areas while you solve your math problems. Furthermore, you can work on those weak areas and improve your grades.

Mnemonics and gamification of mathematical problems can be extremely helpful: Each one of us has a unique learning style. You can design your own pointers to understand certain aspects using Mnemonics. Likewise, gamification can invigorate young minds in several ways. Learning with games and mnemonics can always be an engaging and a stress-free method.

Practice, practice and Practice: A famous quote states –“Practice maketh a man perfect”. Therefore, considering the importance of practice, ensure that you practice the mathematical problems several times. Once you completely understand the problem try designing a math problem of your own and solve it. This will surely help you to understand the math problems better.

Focusing on those problems that seem to be difficult:  You will have to focus on those problems that are difficult as per you. Once you learn to resolve them then try to attempt the ones that you find easy. When you attempt to solve any exercise in mathematics ensure that you mark the problems that you find difficult to solve. Try focusing on them to get the desired results. - Learn at your own pace: You will have to understand that you need to have a positive attitude towards mathematics. If you get nervous about solving math problems, then it may seem difficult. On the contrary, never rush to complete the problem too soon. Instead, give yourself some time to understand it properly. This does not mean you procrastinate**procrastinate 
➤ (v) postpone doing what one should be doing 
➤ (v) postpone or delay needlessly 
 your work. Stick to your study plan but ensure that you understand the logic behind solving those math problems in particular.

Lend a helping hand to your friend who needs help in mathematics: Teaching is not only a noble profession but it is also an effective tool to learn better. Attempt to teach what you have understood to one of your friend you is in need. This will serve two purposes. Firstly, you will achieve a mastery in that topic of mathematics and your friend in need will also be benefitted.

I hope these tips help you all to score better in mathematics. On a lighter note, in the coming future, I wish all the students also agree on the title “ Mathematics is Easy Peasy”.’

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