Quashing the vicious circle of Peer Pressure in your teens

Mar 08

Every teenager wishes to be accepted by a specific group of students in the class or school. The onset of teenage comes with several known and unknown challenges that the students have to deal with. Peer Pressure or Peer influence is something that a student does only to please the group that he/she wishes to be a part of, and that he/she may not even attempt to do otherwise. There have been instances where Peer influence has been successful in streamlining a few while pushing others into some unethical deeds, antisocial acts and illegal activities at the same time. It can have positive or negative influence on the life of the student in question. The clutches of Peer Influence can extend upto the families of the students too.

Image source: www.wikihow.com

Image source: www.wikihow.com

Let’s explore how Peer influence changes the student’s persona completely:

Curiosity coupled with ardent need of popularity compels most of the students to submit themselves to Peer influence. Some of the students try to

  • Have the same lifestyle or display same etiquettes as their friends.
  • Imitate their friends by adhering to drugs, smoking or alcohol.
  • Engage in illegal and immoral activities.
  • Engaging in risky behaviors.
  • Involve oneself completely in academics or display no involvement at all.

One needs to break free this vicious circle of Peer Influence and Peer pressure that can have a negative impact on the teen’s life. Parents too have to deal with the repercussions of this Peer Influence on their teens.

Tips to quash this vicious circle of Peer influence on your Teens:

  • Parents have to understand that the transition into teenage is difficult for every child. He/She is fighting his/her own battle in a confused state of mind. This is the time when teenagers try to explore and wish to be independent. During this phase they feel only their peers are the ones who can understand them.
  • It is essential to turn blind eye towards a few things that they do even though you disapprove. Set the limits straight but at the same time ensure that you don’t irritate them continuously by picking at them for every single act he/she engages into.
  • Talk to your teen and try to analyze the situation. Discussions are the best means of resolving several issues. Even if you may not succeed in resolving all of them but you can always settle on a golden solution that can be beneficial for you and your teen too.
  • You will have to identify a few good teenagers with deep rooted ethics and values. Try to introduce your teen to befriend them thereby encouraging their friendship. Even If you are successful in befriending your teen with a sensible teen, then your teen may no longer get suppressed under the Peer influence circle.
  • Try to speak about role models and real life heroes who have quashed the stereotypical expectation and have achieved great success by being different.
  • You can try to befriend your teenager. This may seem difficult at the first instance but not impossible. If you succeed then there is nothing like it.

It is quite obvious that being a parent you may also be worried about your teen’s life and the relationships that they develop during their schooling years. But quashing this vicious circle of peer pressure is also significant for a safe and happy academic journey of your teen.

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