Rote learning has its advantages too

Feb 15

Learning by repetition is referred to as Rote Learning. We all are aware of this practice since most of us have tried our hands in it during our schooling years. Often we are told that rote learning is not going to be beneficial for us in our academic journey. On the other hand, some educationalists believe that repeated reading and recitation forms a part of Rote learning that helps in retaining the information learnt. Sometimes certain learning aids like flashcards and videos are also used to memorize the information. This technique is believed to establish a cordial**cordial 
➤ (n) strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal 
➤ (s) diffusing warmth and friendliness 
➤ (s) politely warm and friendly 
➤ (s) sincerely or intensely felt 
 connection between the memory and the facts due to frequent repetitions. This information stored in the memory can be retrieved whenever needed.

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image source: www.tes.comThe long lasting debate over Rote learning is still continuing. While some criticize this technique stating that students only mug up the information without understanding it others support the technique stating its benefits in a few situations. For instance: Children who are stepping into play school, Montessori’s and kindergartens can learn the initial alphabets by memorizing them. You cannot expect them to understand the meaning of vowels and consonants. This is the time when they start developing critical thinking by relating Apple to “A” and so on. The subject of mathematics also requires a bit of memorization. For instance: kids have to mug up the multiplication tables to solve multiplication and division problems. Memorizing a few facts will help them to learn complex materials in the future.

Another instance where the appropriate learning technique of rote learning seems to be beneficial is for the children with special needs. Differently abled students often tend to learn facts through continuous repetitions. Children suffering from all the learning disabilities get a lot of help by practicing Rote learning techniques.

At times students may be required to learn a big piece of material for a play or for a competition. Apart from mnemonics, a few statements made by prominent people etc have to be memorized.

If you observe critically, revising before the exams is also a form of rote learning. To conclude, I would say that Rote learning has its own advantages too.

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