Social anxiety and Teenagers

Feb 24

Is your teen shying away from interacting with people in the society? Is he/she trying to stay aloof

➤ (s) remote in manner 
➤ (r) in an aloof manner 

by and refrain from mingling with friends? Beware!!! There could be an underlying reason for such an isolated behavior. Your teen could be suffering from Social anxiety disorder. Many teens suffer from this disorder and are scared to address a huge crowd. A mere withdrawal from the social events does not mean that your teen has a social anxiety but if this isolation continues for extremely longer durations, then you will have to keep a close watch to determine the existence of this disorder.

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Signs and symptoms of Social anxiety Disorder:

Every teen suffering from Social anxiety exhibits a few symptoms. If these symptoms are detected at the earliest, then steps can be taken to treat it.

Your teen suffers from social anxiety disorder if you can find him/her exhibiting the following symptoms before attending a social events or gatherings.

  1. Profuse sweating: If your teen sweats profusely before attending any social event or gathering even when the weather is cold. This profuse 
    ➤ (s) produced or growing in extreme abundance 

by sweating occurs only as a result of anxiety either at the event or before heading to a social event.

  1. Diarrhea: If you teen suffers from severe loose motions before attending any social event, then it is quite evident that he/she suffers from social anxiety disorder.
  2. Shivering: If your teen starts shivering even when you just mention about attending any event, it is a clear case of social anxiety.
  3. Cold hands due to mental stress: If you find that your teen has cold hands as a result of mental stress, stemming from the reason of attending any social event, then it is a social anxiety disorder.

Emotional upsurge and its symptoms:

Based on his/her mental state, every teen may exhibit these emotional symptoms.

  • Fear
  • Tries to hide himself
  • Shows dearth 
    ➤ (n) an acute insufficiency 
    ➤ (n) an insufficient quantity or number 

by of confidence

  • Shows dearth 
    ➤ (n) an acute insufficiency 
    ➤ (n) an insufficient quantity or number 

by of self-esteem and motivation

  • Is extremely conscious about oneself
  • Refrains from doing the regular activities

Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder:

One of the best treatment option for Social Anxiety disorder is of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Psychotherapy also works wonders in a few cases. A few medicines are also prescribed as a treatment.

Parents have to devote some time for their teens and keep a close watch on their behavior. This can help in early detection of social anxiety disorder.

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