Teacher evaluation can make a difference

Mar 15

Our educational system evaluates the students at the end of the academic year. On the same footing it is quintessential that the respective teachers and their teachings are also evaluated. Teacher evaluation is an effective tool to gauge the quality of education imparted by a school. The concept of education has been dwelling in the Indian subcontinent from the Vedic ages. Newest inventions, technological explorations and the quest for knowledge has erased global barriers in the education system too. Therefore, every school should have a moral and ethical obligation of evaluating their teaching staff to maintain the quality of education. Countries like U.S.A have developed Acts like No child Left behind to access the quality of education in schools.

Designing and developing a Teacher evaluation system can be tricky. The main reason being, the enormous number of teachers in India. Implementing a sound, effective plan is instrumental to the essence of education system in India. Initiatives have to be taken to improvise the teaching-learning bond. Teacher evaluation not only improves the teaching learning quality but empowering the teachers to improve their teaching standards and providing essential leadership. The teacher evaluation can be done either by the Principal or a committee of skilled evaluators.

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Benefits of Teacher evaluation:

  • Evaluating the teachers can help in bridging the teaching gaps.
  • Teacher evaluation also bridges the learning gaps of the students by proving quality education in the classroom learning.
  • Teacher evaluation promotes professional learning and development.
  • Improves the repute of the institute for quality education.
  • Improved academic scores of the students says it all.

Challenges of Teacher evaluation:

The Teacher evaluation system can function on smooth lines only if these two challenges are addressed.

  • Finding trained evaluators is a tedious task: In the absence of skilled evaluators, the process of evaluation remains incomplete or not up to the mark. The administration of the school has to take necessary steps to find skilled evaluators to evaluate teachers. If not the administration has to ensure that the necessary skills required for evaluation are acquired by a few members of the staff, board or administration.
  • Ensuring that sufficient time is devoted towards Professional conversations: There has to be ample of scope for teacher-evaluator professional conversation. Judicious scheduling for engaging in conversations and observations can also create scores of opportunities for professional growth and acquiring proficiency in the subject in question.

As stated above, teacher evaluation can bear fruitful results too. Therefore, every school has to ensure that they have an excellent teacher evaluation system. This can promote their goodwill too.

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