Technology addiction and Teens

Feb 17

I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of Idiots – Albert Einstein.

A few decades ago, teens were seen commonly engaged in outdoor activities like games, trekking and camping. Today, most of them are found sporting their trendy gadgets playing games, chatting or clicking selfies. Their technobabble’s leave you in a state of complete confusion and shock. This newest obsession towards these colorful screens and technology is distracting them from pursuing their educational goals. Mind it, this issue of internet addiction is not easy to resolve as it seems.

Meaning of Technology Addiction: Any addiction is an unmanageable need of something to such an extent that it hampers the life of a person on a daily basis. Likewise, a similar addiction to use electronic gadgets and the internet is termed as Technology Addiction. In simple terms, excessive usage of games, social media, online gambling and pornographic sites through internet by using electronic gadgets is Technology addiction. Internet Addiction disorder or Internet use disorder are the different names of Technology Addiction.

The obsession with technology rises to such an extent that the addict becomes restless until he uses the technology.

What are the causes of Technology Addiction:

Technology Addiction can stem out of various reasons. Teens with extremely shy nature of low self- esteem may prefer to socialize through internet as anonymity can be maintained. A poor family background and lack of support may compel teens to get addicted to internet. Teens with such issues may think that may find support from the friends in the virtual world. This may lead them to stay glued to the gadgets and finally this may turn into an obsession. Some mental disorders could ignite the urge to be in the virtual world resulting in Technology Addiction.

Technology Addiction Symptoms:

The presence of Technology Addiction can be traced through the following symptoms.

The initially controllable urge to be in the virtual world becomes uncontrollable. You can find the teen constantly glued to the electronic gadgets and considers it to be the most important thing in life. The addict engages in constant updates and texts of his/her social accounts. The virtual world is used by the addict as a platform to combat depressive thoughts. Personal relationships and career of the addict are at stake due to the addiction. Withdrawal symptoms are quite evident when the addict is not using Technology. Technology Addiction – Treatment:

Cognitive behavioral Therapy is the best known solution that can help teens with several addictions.

We can learn a lot more about Technology Addiction in our forthcoming articles.

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