The Black-Hole of Mobiles & TV

Jul 25

As a company in a mission of promoting better education, we often hear about the numerous problems faced by children and parents. One of the modern-day problems we hear of is addiction; addiction of mobile and television. 

It is often argued that mobile and television brought in what is called the information wave; however, we see otherwise. What they give you is information, some of it unnecessary, without a real structure to it. Today's kids sure are much more informed than earlier. They are, however, so overloaded with information, they find it difficult to process all of it. What we recommend is that the kids gain real knowledge, which is perhaps a little more than plain information. 

Worse, they are, what we believe, agents of distraction. Real, useful knowledge, is built over hours of focussed work. A longer attention span allows a child to delve deeper into a subject (scholastic or otherwise), understand things in detail and ensure this knowledge seeps into the depths of the mind. A busy mobile or a blaring TV disturbs this attention span. A presumed long hour of study, disturbed intermittently by TV or mobile isn't helpful. 

Here are a few suggestions from our experts on how to avoid a child getting addicted to these gadgets. 

  • First things first. As a parent, get rid of these devices yourself. If you can't live without checking whatsapp and facebook every 5 min, there is little chance your child will do any better. 

  • Music on mobile or TV is a great pacifier for babies. They are equally harmful. A baby brought up on 'eat while watching cartoons on mobile' has little chance of changing 10 years later. 

  • Restrict their usage. Yes, peer pressure is omnipresent; all your child's friends being on Facebook or Instagram invariably lures your child to sign up as well. It is fine  to use social networking in moderation. However, restrict their usage timings. 

  • A game of cricket is wonderful to watch. It is much more exciting to play. Show them how exciting it is to play in the sun every evening, instead of being glued to the cartoons on the TV. If need be, play with them yourself. 

  • Identify your child's passion and hone it. Music, dance, art, crafts, swimming, anyting. It is important to note what could keep a child engaged for long, and promote the child's interest in them. Great if your child ends up being the next Micheal Phelps or a Micheal Jackson; if nothing else, the child develops a sense of passion and powers of concentration. Both will help her/him live a good life tomorrow. 

There is so much that a child can do. Ensure a little TV or a mobile does not restrict their potential. 

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