Tips to handle Rebellious students

Feb 12

Classroom management is not an easy task. Every teacher has to deal with this “test of patience” phase in the classroom. The classroom sessions can be disrupted by a few students who may cause issues due to their callous 
➤ (v) make insensitive or callous; deaden feelings or morals 
➤ (s) emotionally hardened 
➤ (s) having calluses; having skin made tough and thick through wear 
by behavior. These problems can elevate if they feel that you as a teacher are indirectly waging a war against them. If you are trying to suppress them, then mark my words, you will be their biggest enemy. You can always win over students and streamline them into the academic setting. Want to know how? Here are a few tips for you to handle them effectively.

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Image courtesy : www.livestrong.comHere’s how you can handle such rebellious students:

  • Understand that students tend to break a few rules: It is quite understandable that you as a teacher may stay committed to the rules prescribed by the school administration. But at times you may have to let go some rules. This does not mean that you should show leniency 
    ➤ (n) mercifulness as a consequence of being lenient or tolerant 
    ➤ (n) a disposition to yield to the wishes of someone 
    ➤ (n) lightening a penalty or excusing from a chore by judges or parents or teachers 
    by towards all the rules. For instance: If a student wearing sunglasses in the classroom, and if doing so is against the rules prescribed by the school administration, you can always give them an impression that such a rule sounds too harsh. You can always tell the student, that he can wear the sunglasses in the classroom. But since the administration has made the rules, he has to remove it before someone from the administration spots it. Such a statement makes the student feel that you are not at war with him.
  • Being approachable to the students can be a good thing: As a teacher you should ensure that you should be approachable by the students. If you try to enforce rules harder on them, then you will probably be the last person for them to approach when they have a difficult situation. At times if the students are engaging in violent activities, then you will be the last person to know about it and may fail to curtail the consequences arising out of it. Your presence in such situations can prevent several tragedies. If you care, you should ensure that you have a cordial 
    ➤ (n) strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal 
    ➤ (s) diffusing warmth and friendliness 
    ➤ (s) politely warm and friendly 
    ➤ (s) sincerely or intensely felt 
    by relation with the students. Try to win their confidence. It is important that students feel safe to communicate to you any issue they face during the school hours.
  • Stringent bullying policies and their enforcement: It is important to teach the students about bullying and its consequences. Likewise, you can all explain the negative effects of the same. You have to understand that bad behavior of the students often stems out as a result of not providing them the necessary support and turning a deaf ear towards them.
  • Communicating with the parents of the students is quite essential: You have to take utmost care while communicating the adverse effects of violent or bad behavior of students to their parents. You will have to ensure that you should not directly speak about the bad behavior of their child. You can even speak about the positive attributes of the student and then make the parents aware of the aftermaths of such violent behavior depicted by their child in the school premises. Try to be a resource to both the students as well as their parents.
  • Understanding the difference between the person and his behavior: You as a teacher will have to understand one basic thing; a person and his behavior are two different things. So if you can understand the difference between the two and separate those from each other; then you can automatically streamline them into academic settings. Whenever a student displays violent behavior, it is crucial to teach him how the same situation could be handled in an alternative yet positive manner.

You may face several difficulties in streamlining the rebellious students into proper academic settings. Be patient and stay focused. You will automatically figure out ways to deal

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