Vroom up your writing

Apr 28

Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got – Philip Jose Farmer. 
The proverb sums it all. Writing is an excellent combination of expression and evolution. We express to evolve and evolve to succeed in life. Accept it or not, writing occupies an indispensable position in our lives, professionally, academically and personally too. An exceptional writing skill can only be appreciated if one embellishes it with the art of writing faster too. Some of you may seem confused and may ask me “Is it possible to have an error free write up within no time?” All I would say is “Yes”, you can. 
Here are a few tips to Vroom up your writing: 

1. Outlines are essential : Whether you are taking down notes, or summarizing few points, draft outlines that can connect you through keywords. This saves time and you don’t have to write everything word by word. Pen these outlines in the simplest possible manner that makes sense to you. 
2. Symbols play a vital role in fast writing: Use symbols like “&”,”-“, “/”, etc to denote a few words, sentences options. This may seem stupid now but comes handy when writing. 
3. No distractions please : Whenever you decide to write something, ensure that you are free from distractions of any kind. Ensure that your writing is simple and easy to understand at the first instance. Complexities in the initial draft are a big “No –No”. You can edit or redraft your writing work at a later point in time. 
4. Set up a deadline: Setting a timer or a deadline is the best possible way to stay motivated and inspire oneself to write faster. 
5. A writing buddy can always be a blessing in disguise: You can really write fast and keep a track of it well if you really have someone who can hold you accountable for the same. If you have a writing buddy, he/she can monitor how quickly you churn out your words. 
6. Practice, Practice, and Practice: Always remember, the more you practice, the more you master the art of writing fast and error free. 
Ensure that you sit in a comfortable place that helps you to stay focused. If you have any valuable suggestions to the article, do convey them through your comments.

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